art director and graphic designer
Sarah is a freelance based in Los Monegros - Spain. Most of the time she travel and work as Nomad Art Director. She travel in bicycle to discover the world, working with En Route Creative Nomad, a Nomadic Studio that offer design and video production along the way.
Sarah worked for 6 years for Columna Branding, a well-known Barcelona agency which specializes in brand creation and packaging. During this period, she carried out several projects in different fields across Spain and Europe. She has the capacity to create a global branding, and helping brands in their evolution by establishing a
solid image in the market.
During these years she has managed many projects as Art Director and collaborated with teams of creations on hundreds of different projects. She also specializes in packaging and branding. Her flexibility allowed her to learn different multidisciplinary tools and to adapt to the needs of each project.
She lived in Barcelona for 10 years, enjoying the lifestyle of this city and working with a creative team. In 2019 she started a new adventure crossing the ocean to live one year in Canada looking for new life experiences.
She enjoy traveling, meet new people, life music and work with nice people.
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